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The policies has been developed to help you or your child receive quality instructions in an orderly educational environment. The school needs your effort. Students need to be in class as much as possible to maximize learning.

Absences and Tardy
Each student is expected to attend class on time. In the event of an absence, a student must contact us before 24 hours.  The absence consist of, but are not limited to, forgetting the lesson, choosing to do another activity during the scheduled lesson time, and unnotified absence.  If a notification is not presented before 24 hours, the absence is considered unexcused.  The tuition fee will not be refund or a late cancellation will be charged. The student who cancels the lesson more than 2 times a month is deleted from the lesson schedule. 


If a student is late, we are not under obligation to extend the lesson time. If the teacher is late, the teacher must either extend the lesson time or reschedule the lost time.

The tuition payment should be paid on the first class of every month.  The registration & textbook fees are non-refundable.  Material fee (if apply) is partially refunded upon the classes left.

Performance Participation
Students can choose to attend in rehearsals, recitals, and formal performances.  Students will receive an unexcused absence for sleeping late, missing the bus (not related to CMS transportation issues), car issues, and other reasons not related to a medical, dental, or court appointment.  If the student have three or more unexcused absences, he or she will not be eligible to participate in the future events within a year.

Food and Water Bottles
Students are not permitted to eat food in the classroom.  The commercial water bottle must only contain clear water.  Any other contents in a commercial water bottle must be sealed.

Money and Valuables
Valuables or large amounts of cash should be left at home.  Academy is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to iPad, cell phones or other electronic devices brought into its property.

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