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Fun Crash Course in Acrylic Painting
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  A Fun Crash Course Program in Acrylic Painting  

Program Overview
This program examines how to draw a beautiful painting without a basic knowledge, and draw a real thing such as tree, water, sunrise, landscape etc.  Focusing primarily, we will explore techniques, colors, artistic inspiration, as well as how to create a painting story.



Program Goals
1. Create a fantastic artwork, even if you never know how to paint.

2. Painting is not only by hands, but also brains with your idea, which are contributes to good health.  Draw a beautiful natural landscape, bright colors, can make people feel happy.  It is said that in patients with hypertension, mental depression, anxiety and manic, drawing can lower blood pressure for drawing 10-12mmhg, relieve irritability and mood.

3. Draw a painting, also draw mood.  It is a great help for the elderly, make them happy; and is widely used to eliminate the psychological tension, and overcome psychological barrier.






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