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  Music Health Care Program for Adults  

Music health care has developed into a modern science.  It is a part of Chinese medicine, and the two have an interwoven, continuous relationship.  Music, the theory of yin and yang, and the five elements are interconnected.  The ancients thought that the essence of music was the changes of yin and yang, the regulating force of life, the tone and mood of the universe.



Music Health Care Improving Quality of Life
The right music helps to regulate the function of the organs in the body and restore metabolism musical treatment not only avoids side effects of medicine, but also allows for long-term health care treatment.  


Listening to music is not only for the sheer pleasure of the musical sound itself, also make people find solace in music such as restrain the condition of strain and tension, helpful for sleep, release stresses and so on. 


A Natural Lifestyle Approach 

This program offers a readily applicable, completely natural alternative.  It serves as a practical reference on personal health care.  It can achieve optimal health, according to the laws of nature.  It is especially effective in treating the degenerative diseases.  Romantic, rejuvenating, cathartic, relaxing, energizing etc., music has touched these emotional chords in human beings for thousands of years. Music could improve the quality of life, and keep a good health.


This program includes:  

Promote Wellness

Manage Stress

Calm and ease

Alleviate Pain

Express Feelings

Enhance Memory

Improve Communication

Promote Physical Rehabilitation






  90 years old lady enjoy music
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