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Program Overview

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.  It is spoken by about 870 million people as a first language.  An additional 180 million people or so speak Mandarin as a second language.  Chinese Lessons has an unique method that teaches reading, writing, and speaking at the same time.


Starting with the very basics - Pinyin.   Chinese lesson contains instructions on proper pronunciation, character recognition, and writing Chinese.  The language is what makes up a culture and the culture makes the nationality.  Learning a new language will also give you a different perspective of the world.


The instructor speak perfect Mandarin with professional certificates, and experienced "International Chinese Instructor" training.  The Chinese lesson is complete learning include listening, reading, writing, and speaking with special methods. We will make sure that the students will not only be able to speak, but also read and write Chinese.  We are proud to introduce this lesson that is our school's advance training model.  All the training methods and books are carefully selected by professionals.  



Advanced Media Instruction

We provide free computer lab practice for all students. Every student has to practice the lesson program for at least 2 hours every week.


Practical Chinese Lesson

This course is designed to help students who want to learn Chinese from the first grade.


Business Chinese Lesson

This course is designed to help students who have to conduct basic communication tasks in Chinese.  After completing this Chinese course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the content that is necessary to survive in most basic business situations, such as giving polite greetings, exchanging business cards, arranging meetings, talking about new products etc.


Professional Training for Chinese Tests

This course is for the students based on the level and purpose, and enables students to acquire thorough understanding of Chinese up to advanced level.  Objective In order to improve the student's abilities of using Chinese language.


We encourage the students who wish to pursue the idea of studying in China, or you wants to get a professional language certificate, or you planning to get a job that related to Chinese.  Let's work together to improve your Chinese language skill, and pass the YCT and HSK Chinese test.   



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