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Beginner Low 


Twilight 希望
Kangding Love Song 康定情歌
Amazing Grace 奇异恩典
The Sea with A Smile 沧海一声笑
A Moonlit Night On The Spring River(Primary) 春江花月夜 

Soul of Thousand Buddha's 千声佛
Free Flower 自由花
The Lady Meng 孟姜女
Flower and Bee 穿花蜂
Old Six Beat 老六板 

Beginner High

Intermediate Low


Walk Up the Stairs 上楼
The Beautiful Lady Yu
Great Harmony All Over the World 天下同
The Butterfly  Lingers Over Flower 蝶恋花
Little Bird Crossing the Wind 小鸟朝凤 


Purple bamboo melody 紫竹调
Open the Window 开扇窗
the Cow 挤牛奶
A Song of Hovering Phoenix 凤翔歌
33 Majors 三十三板 



Intermediate High 

The Moon Shining Over the West River 西江月
King Flower 锦上花
The River Dragon 过江龙
Autumn Recollections 妆台秋思
Lanterns and the Moon in Radiance 灯月交辉 

Hope Springs 春苗
A Change World 浪淘沙
Thoughts 秋思曲
Fisherman's Serenade 渔舟唱晚
Flowing Water by Lofty Mountain 高山流水 

Advanced Low



Celebration in Yunnan 云庆
Embroidered Purse
Gossamer Song 小霓裳曲
Pleasant Melody of Dongting Lake 洞庭新歌
Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms 梅花三弄

Tears of Xiang Queen 香妃泪
A Lamentation on the Cliff Mountain 崖山哀
Big Farewell To a Departing Friend 阳关三叠
The Nostalgia of Suwu 苏武思乡
Drum-shooting On Xiangshan Mountain 香山射鼓

  Advanced High       

The Spring of Snow Mountain 雪山春晓
Jackdaw Plays with
Water 寒鸦戏水
Fishing Song of East Sea 东海渔歌
All is Happening As Desired 四合如意
The Milky Blue Water 银河碧波

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