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  A Fun Course Program in Guzheng (Chinese Zither)  

Program Overview
The Guzheng also known as the Chinese Harp or Chinese Zither, is one of the most popular Chinese musical instruments. The Guzheng has a beautiful sound and are very expressive instruments.
We offer private and group lessons for all ages, from beginner level.  Come join us! Let's recall and play the beautiful music with Chinese instruments, since it possesses our cultural spirits.


A Gentle Way To Fight Stress

Guzheng is not only a music instrument, it's also very good for health. Peaceful music and deep breathing in Guzheng playing helps reduce stress and anxiety.  It also helps increase the flexibility and balance.  Guzheng has a graceful form when playing.  It promotes serenity through gentle, flowing hand movements, which is helpful to health.



Buy or Rent Guzheng
We rent and sale Guzheng.  You can buy a Guzheng from here.  If you want to take a Guzheng lesson and not sure at this time whether Guzheng is the instrument that will worth your long time to learn, you have the option to rent a Guzheng from us during your try out period.  When you decide to keep this Guzheng for your lesson and would like to buy it, all of your paid rental fees will be credited and used towards your Guzheng purchase.  Also, you can buy a new Guzheng from our store or other music store.  



Private and Small Group Guzheng Class
Learn for fun, personal enjoyment! Small group class is available for beginner level.  Registration is open and on-going.  New class schedule will be announced once registration requirements are met.   Private class is limited schedule, application will be on the waiting list if the schedule does not match.

Our main office is located in Sacramento.  Students come from different towns of Capital area such as Elk Grove, Davis, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Roseville, EI Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Placerville and Auburn counties.  The local Guzheng lesson service is available in Vacaville, Rocklin and Carmichael.  



Test and Certificate
We have standard text book for students based on their levels, as well as free music score paper copy aside from the book.  Students will attend in the final test after a finished level, and will get a certificate if they pass the test.  The test includes a paper test and instrument playing.  



All students will be invited to attend in the different events every year; all students will be invited to attend in the concerts. 

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