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  Chinese Culture  

China has a long and splendid culture, and fascinating people all over the the world.  This course is open to all people who like and want to understand Chinese culture, especially American-Chinese children.  We introduce traditional Chinese and modern Chinese culture, and will cover multiple perspectives and flexible, multi-faceted social and cultural knowledge of the course teaching methods, combined with the teaching of modern multimedias, audios, videos, and pictures for a easy way for students to full-position to show a colorful and splendid culture of China.



The course includes the following:

  • Natural Landscape

  • Traditional Festivals

  • Literature

  • Chinese Art

  • Chinese Music

  • Chinese calligraphy

  • Traditional Drama

  • Chinese Dance

  • Chinese History

The Bridge to China - Learning Chinese Mandarin

The Chinese lesson contains instruction on proper pronunciation, character recognition, and writing.  The instructor speaks perfect Mandarin with professional certificates, and experienced "International Chinese Instructor" training.  We offer professional courses for all students based on the level and purpose, and enables students to acquire through understanding of Chinese up to advanced level, and in order to improve the student's abilities of using Chinese language.  



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