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Apply to Academy 

Give yourself enough time before completing the application and all required materials.  Mail your application package to our office mailing address.

If you have any questions, please contact


New Student 

All new students need to submit an application.  You are a first time applicant if you never enrolled in our programs.  Before you apply, please be sure to review our checklist to make sure you have all the things you need for your application.

Find your application form here


Application Checklist 


The Students Application Form (Adult) or Students Application Form (Child)

Two teacher recommendation letter (for school student)

Application fee $20

Required test scores (for student who has studied the same course)

Optional Requirements

Rental instrument form

Costume lending form

Refundable deposit check $200 for rent


Returning Students

We have a 90 days policy. If you are a returning student within 90 days after you stop your course to add or go back to the old course, you don't need to enroll again.  If the instructor has already scheduled the time you want, you may pick another time. 


Re-Enroll Student

If you were a previous student in the school, have been absent for 90 days, and completed a re-enrollment request,  we will review your application and email you in the next 5 business days. 


Waiting List Information 

All courses use waiting list.  If your course currently has no space, your information will be added in the waiting list until it's available. You will get a notice email.

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