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Established in 2010, Zimei Chinese Culture & Art Academy is the school of Chinese culture education and  international cultural exchange in the California Capital Region.  It is a modern and new -style academy, and offering a variety of cultural courses around Chinese culture, art, and music etc, and serve the students who want to study in US or China.

The academy is open to all students who interested in Chinese culture, from ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese background; and stresses the significance of a diverse students from all ethnicity, because more and more people have come to recognize importance of cultural diversity that strengthens mutual understanding and appreciation of various cultures.  We do not discriminate students from any creed, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin for the opportunity to learn and to attain knowledge.


Our international cultural exchange program focus on helping abroad students apply to US colleges and local students apply to Chinese colleges.  As well as cultural events and tour program.

The academy provides opportunities that allow students to experience cultural and spiritual enjoyment through an individualized experience.  The programs and flexible schedule, designed to meet the needs of each student.


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