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Music for Beauty

Beautiful music can release a physic energy that will positively affect your skin, by strengthening the contraction and dilation of blood capillaries, improving the circulatory system, and speeding the process of metabolism. Furthermore, the sonic wave can stimulate the brain, excite the nervous system to produce needed hormones, and adjust the blood circulation.


Acoustic music is acoustic wave frequency of the vibration is between 20 to 20,000 Hz, when it come into connect with skin or muscle, will be absorbed through the skin and muscle, and skin and muscle consequent vibration, resulting in a massaging motion. It accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, make the skin congestion in good condition, and accelerate skin regeneration rate, the skin more smooth.


Often listen to music will cultivate temperament, mental and neurological pleasure and relaxes. Music can stimulate the body through the autonomic nervous system, regulating endocrine, the body's hormone levels more coordinated, and improving skin tension to make it flexible.



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