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Breathing of Guzheng Playing

Correct breathing is an important part of playing Guzheng. When you’re inhaling, think of it as taking in the life energy-oxygen into your body. When you deliver energy or force, you exhale. This can be applied to hand movements; in essence, it is alternating opening and closing movements.


Hands rising is an opening movement. When your hands play the strings, you breathe out, and delivering energy. When you’re bringing your hands closer to store up energy, you breathe in. When you punch out, you breathe out.


And then there are natural up and down movements with music playing. When you move your hands up, you’re storing your energy, and therefore you breathe in. When you bring your hands down to play the strings, you’re delivering energy so you breathe out.


As for dynamics, coordination of dynamics and breathing will express emotion of the music, and make the music more expressive and appealing.


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