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Breath Management in Guzheng

Breath Management in Guzheng is raising hands and putting down hands.  We often read a sentence with punctuation, and in music performance, we rely on breath to read a phrase. Music is mainly composed of pitch, tone, rhythm, and timbre elements.  At the same time, breathing should also be added.


For playing Guzheng, the movement is based on particle elbow, shoulder adduction as the axis of the outreach campaign, in conjunction with a coordinated movement of the head and upper body.  These movements are more complicated, which requires player to follow the objective facts physiology, and play a physiological breathing. Inhale one raising hand; exhale one putting down hand.


Breathing is a very important role in Guzheng music.  It is injection of soul, and provides the rest for the rapid finger movements.

Close coordination with efforts to control breathing


Good intensity and breathing can reflect the hierarchy and emotions of the music more, and make the music more expressive and appealing. 


A piece of music works perfectly with the correct breathing. Soft parts with soft breath; and strong parts with deep breath.


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